If you think you might be a very special person (LGBTQ) and want more information, check out this terrific pamphlet from the Trevor Project called Coming Out As You. And no matter what always remember that you are perfect just the way you are!

Protect our water and our future!


We say YES! to refugees and immigrants from all countries and all religions.


"With inspiration from 1970s children's programing and public access, Creatures combines vintage equipment with handmade puppetry to create a funny, quiet, lived-in-world."


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The Creatures of Yes is a new experimental television show made by Jacob Graham and Co. in Brooklyn NY. It's about people discovering the world around them and learning to appreciate each other's differences. It addresses modern, relevant topics head-on with humor and sensitivity.

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On Educational Concepts
With any entertainment that appeals to children there seems to be an implied responsibility to educate. But we're wondering what the objectives of education should be in the 21st century and measured by whose standards? The basics (reading, writing, and elementary arithmetic) are important for a child's development, but these things are adequately addressed elsewhere. With this show we hope to contribute in the area of interpersonal relationship skills using the following quote as a starting point:

We should also mention that while our programing might appeal to children, it is our belief that entertainment, at its best, should not be deliberately made for children or adults; pandering to either audience is invariably patronizing to both. Thus, The Creatures of Yes is intended for Everyone!

Q. Are you serious? Is this a real thing?


Q. Is there a secret, somewhat controversial Creatures of Yes VHS tape in the works?

A. -.-- . ... stay tuned!

Q. How can I reach you?

A. contact@creaturesofyes.com

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If you'd like to see for yourself how our show is made check out this informative behind the scenes video.