the Creatures of Yes Live on Stage is an experimental, ever-evolving performance piece. Thus far the show has been performed in art galleries and concert halls however the subject matter is suitable for all ages and we're interested in taking it to a variety of possible settings.

If you have a venue suggestion and the means to host the Creatures of Yes Live on Stage in the tri-state area or beyond, please write to us at:


Mary Broomfellow, a mystical peasant woman, and her furry companion Bartholomew harness the power of astral projection to take us on an odyssey through space and time. Come along as they learn about other cultures, try out new technologies, and deal with the reality of corporate sponsoship. Combining classic hand puppetry with a variety of archival footage, original animation, and 4D effects - including bursts of confetti, bubbles, laser light and more - The Creatures of Yes Live on Stage is a spiritual, multimedia experience you won't soon forget!